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Decimal Places Added from Survey to Feature Service

Question asked by on Apr 11, 2019
Latest reply on May 22, 2019 by ecangisteam



I have noticed that there are values in my feature services that have been modified somehow from the time of submission of the survey to when it is written in to the feature service.  For example:


We fill in decimal fields that are an esriFieldTypeSingle (Float in feature service).  We only ever fill in x.xx to the hundredth place, yet when I look at the value in pro and click to edit or export the data, there are a ton more decimal places.  This is a huge problem for data integrity. 


We enter 8.6 for a pH result and the value that is stored in the feature service is 8.60000038.  Our pH meters only read out 8.6 or 8.60 that is all there is no way we would have entered 8.60000038.  this is not happening for one record or just but all. This is also across different surveys that write to this service.  I have also looked at the other services I have and the same thing is happening.


This does not happen to fields that are decimal fields that are an esriFieldTypeDouble (Double in feature service)



Any ideas what is going on here?