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How to import 3D model from sketchup into Pro with individual layers preserved?

Question asked by Brooks_Frontier on Apr 10, 2019

Here are my issues:


I have a complex 3D model of a substation in Sketchup mad eup of ~20 layers.

I need to bring it into an ArcGIS Pro project in either ETRS89 or British National Grid data frame coordinates. 

The geo-location tool in sketchup is pants, and seems to only geo-reference a model if you're exporting to KMZ for Google Earth viewing.


Therefore, my current workflow is to export to 3DS and import into Pro using a Placement Point that's near to my site. However, the model is imported as a single Multipatch feature, and modifying the xyz location of this in Pro is near impossible due to the complexity of the model. Furthermore, if I export out the individual layers from sketchup (buildings, cables, towers, roads, etc etc) as separate 3DS files, then I can't use placement points as an option, as each of these elements will be placed in slightly different locations.


Is there a way to either

a) correctly geo-reference a model in sketchup prior to exporting to Pro?

b) export a model that can be imported into Pro with all the sketchup layers preserved?


Thank you.