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2 finger navigation in 2d map view

Question asked by s.weihsmysynergis-esridist Employee on Apr 9, 2019

I'm wondering if you plan to support 2 finger navigation in 2d map view in JS API (on demand, i.e. provide config properties to control behavior).

Reason for requirement is to prevent bad usability for map widget pan/zoom functions when integrated into web page (mobile web app scenario) - page scrolling and map navigation get mixed up with 1 finger interaction.


being able to control/set pan/zoom function (Events/Handlers) to 2 finger navigation will support good page scrolling experience for whole web page (1 finger) and in same time provide good pan/zoom map navigation experience (2 finger navigation).


When actively using 2 finger navigation mode in map view it is suitable to provide user feedback if user tries to scroll with 1 finger only (display map overlay 'Use two fingers to pan / zoom')