Calculate a Field

Discussion created by walace on Mar 1, 2011
Hi everybody,

I have a Challange, that I can't resolve myself.
I'm doing a Clusterplaning over a special area. So I have several polygons, in this Polygons are houses with different attributes . What I want to do is in the first step:

- count the houses and write the result in the attribute field "houses" of the Cluster feature.
- build a sum of housing units (I have another feature class with the attribute "number of housing" units) and write it also in an attribute field of the Cluster feature.

I can do this manually with "selecet by location" and statistc for every Cluster, but this takes a lot of time and it works manually. What I want is a script or something like that, which makes all this steps in one step.

the second step:
- update the calculated fields of Cluster polyon, when I reshape a Cluster
- and calculate the fields when I create a new Cluster

Does anybody know how to do this or have scripts for this challanges?
Unfortunately I am a beginner in VB and Python.

Thanks for your help