Addins button or tool

Discussion created by ellmenreich on Mar 1, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2012 by scott__parker
by using the addins i must choose tool or button. i will convert my 9.3 c# code to addin and will prevent an installer with registrations. so in 9.3 i have a tool wich inherit from basetool. the tool opens a form in the onclick method. in the mouse down events i capture the geometry and send it to the form. the new addin tool did not have a onclick method and the button no onmousedown event.
also i cannot call the tool from the form by setting application.currenttool = addins.tool because of it is no command.
so what is the new way to open a form, select somthing like geometrytype (point or line), enable any kind (drawing or editing) of digitize and get back the new geometry to form.