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Trying to Analyze a Line against a Multipatch/polygon

Question asked by maldonadoje08 on Apr 5, 2019

Hello All,


First off, I am a complete novice with all of this, so thank you in advance for your patience!!!


So I am in the process of trying to analyze the height of an object above a surface (Polygon or multipatch, I have made both).


That being said, I used the original points of the objects, I then extruded them to their corresponding height. Finally, I took all of them and the turned them into lines. There is one issue I see at this time, and it's that none of them have Shape_length. All of them are "0(zero)." But all of them are anywhere from 20' to 210' tall, so it shouldn't be.


I am trying to do this as a 3D analysis. Everything is build in Scene using ArcGIS Pro. The lines I have are a representation of different objects with different heights with relationship to the ground elevation, so the height of all objects are AGL. I have both a multipatch and polygon of a flat and rising surface that I am trying to use to see if the objects are above of below it.


First off, does this sound right? I think I am on the right track... The problem is that the intersection tool and splitting tool do not work and I think it's because there are no shape lengths associated to each line, which is weird...


Thank you all for your help! I will respond as best I can!!


All the best!


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