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COGO segments

Question asked by DGCOTyler on Apr 5, 2019
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ArcGIS Pro COGO Segments


Rather than using the traverse tool, I would prefer to use the "Direction/Distance" window (keyboard shortcut - G).


Problem/Question - Entering COGO segments through the "Direction/Distance" window (keyboard shortcut - G). 

When doing this, after finishing the sketch multiple segments are combined and act as one record.  How can I make each segment act as one record?


Even after running the "Enable COGO" geoprocessing tool, adding COGO fields to my line feature class, still only one record is created from multiple segments.


In ArcMap - After adding COGO fields to a line feature class and entering multiple bearing/distance in the "Direction/Distance" window (keyboard shortcut - G) and finishing sketch, multiple segments are created.


Has anyone else experience this frustration?

Does anyone know how to fix this (not just a workaround)?

Do I need to be patient and let Pro catch up with a few more versions?