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Can you label a stretch rendered raster like advance labelling in ArcMap?

Question asked by MBThompson on Apr 4, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2019 by rustynichols

I would like to use a continuous stretched render on a raster dataset and have it's legend show in ArcGIS Pro's layout legends  with defined interval colours labelled the way that you can do in ArcMap using the advanced labelling which is described here


Are these possible with ArcGIS Pro? If so how is this done and how do you present it as a horizontal bar form in addition to verticle?


If not possible, it is essential for the quantitative figures that we need to present in our scientific reports so would limit us migrating to ArcGIS Pro. Further, it would be handy if this is also possible in the contents pane and when shared online if not already a feature.