Quirky Behavior in Navigator

Discussion created by crafty762 Champion on Apr 3, 2019
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Recently, our team began testing/evaluating the Navigator for ArcGIS application on an iPad.  Here is our list of noted issues or quirks with so far.  Has anyone else reached similar conclusions about the functionality for this product?


  • Can’t pan around the map when in navigation mode (idea was posted on GeoNet forum more than a year ago and no votes or response from ESRI
  • Won’t zoom to the location of the point used as the destination(s) for the route. Can pan to it but the user has to find it themselves.
  • Can’t delete a manually-dropped pin. Just moves the pin if you tap and hold somewhere else.
  • Can’t get rid of certain windows (i.e the dropped pin window) *can get rid of search or dropped pin window by clicking  and then clicking Done in the window that pops up. Then click the < symbol in the left corner of the application to go back, but this is a ridiculous work around.*
  • Can’t identify a feature just by clicking on it. Can only do it by dropping a pin and seeing the name of the pad.


I'm curious to know if Esri has any plans to address any of these items, or if they have been reported as undesirable behaviors by others who use the application.  Several of the commonly-used navigation apps on the iOS and Android markets do not seem to have these limitations. 


Thanks in advance for any feedback/comments you're willing to share about your experiences with Navigator!