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How do I force the word "TH"  into split word lines ?

Question asked by progis99 on Apr 3, 2019
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I am struggled to try and split two words separate into two lines...



Here is an example above picture, see the word "TH" it is at the second line.


I need that "TH" move back to line 1 , because it is one word long and should be like this


Whiteside PS/ Threemile TH  

Picnic Site 


PS means Picnic Site


TH means Trailhead


So apparently somebody attribute it as a PS and TH.


Whiteside PS/ Threemile TH  


Get it ?  


How did  I get there ?


I created it as a label class name  in the Label Manager .


Then I customized it to make it the west as a position from the point layer

offset is 30 points 


Then I hit the Label style to go to the Placement Properties set the separate separators and still not luck..



Could anyone of you can help me out here ?


it should be a simple one answer.