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Why is my Green Chlorophyll Index (GLI) scale so large?

Question asked by ibarnhart on Apr 1, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2019 by KNShah

Hi everyone,


I am trying to calculate my green chlorophyll index (GCI), one of my many vegetation indices that I'm trying to calculate. I am working with imagery from a Micasense RedEdge 3 camera (with proper radiometric calibration procedures already completed). I thought that you are supposed to get data values between -1 and 1, but instead, my values range from 0.09-14.4, as you can see by the image that I have attached. 


The equation for the GCI, as defined by the literature, is: (NIR/Green) - 1


My dataset bands are defined here, for this example: Green = "band_2" and NIR = "band_5"


The equation I used for Raster Calculator is this: Float("band_5") / Float("band_2") - 1


Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks guys!


(P.S. This is a picture of a grain sorghum research plot)