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Relevant question based on # of repeats

Question asked by RLehman-esristaff Employee on Apr 1, 2019
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I made a survey in survey123 connect version 3.3.51. The survey is getting information for family members where each family member has a repeated set of questions, and I want to ask everyone except the first person their relationship to the first person. I did this in row 23 and 24 in the attached excel sheet. The logic is not working when I use the form online. The logic does work in survey123 connect preview, and in survey123 for arcgis app. Any ideas of a workaround or another way to make this happen?


select_one relationshiprelationship<b>How are you related to Person 1?</b>Skip for Person 1count(${initials})>1
textrelationship_otherPlease specifyyes${relationship} = 'Other'