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Runtime Error in pre-processing buffers for count trips in polygon buffers

Question asked by jrduck1231 on Mar 31, 2019
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I received the following error when I performed step 1 of the pre-process buffers inside the Count Trips in Polygon Buffers around Stops toolbox.


Executing: BBBPolygons_PreprocessBuffers "C:\DESERT\GTFS OUTPUT" 0255OUTPUT "C:\DESERT\gtfs inter\outputsql.sql" C:\DESSSERT\CENTERLINE_ND.nd "Length (Units: Meters)" 250 # 20
Start Time: Mon Apr 1 02:56:08 2019
Running script BBBPolygons_PreprocessBuffers...
Creating a feature class of GTFS stops...
Error creating a feature class of GTFS stops.
Failed to create BetterBusBuffers polygons.

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "<string>", line 483, in execute
File "C:\DESERT\BetterBusBuffers_0.13.0.3\", line 87, in runTool
StopsLayer, StopIDList = BBB_SharedFunctions.MakeStopsFeatureClass(os.path.join(outGDBwPath, "Step1_Stops"))
File "C:\DESERT\BetterBusBuffers_0.13.0.3\", line 750, in MakeStopsFeatureClass
stop[2], stop[3], stop[6], stop[7], stop[8], stop[9]))
RuntimeError: The row contains a bad value. [stop_name]

Failed to execute (BBBPolygons_PreprocessBuffers).
Failed at Mon Apr 1 02:56:11 2019 (Elapsed Time: 3.11 seconds)


It seems to me that there is an error in creating a feature class of GTFS Stops. I have also performed other process, e.g. the Count Trips at Stops, and Interpolate Blank Stop Times, that shows no problem.


Is there anything I can do with this error?


Thank you!