HELP PLEASE - Arc10 Geoprocessing tools do not work!

Discussion created by TMuscat on Feb 28, 2011
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RESOLVED!!! FYI if anyone else experiences same/similar errors:

I Opened a ticket with ESRI support - It seems the issue arrises from having Firefox as your default browser (and not IE). "I think the MdDlgContent.htm file gets opened with an MSXML Parser. I imagine that the software couldn't find a Parser plug-in compatible with Firefox."


I am having a very strange issue with my ArcMAP 10. None of my Geoprocessing tools are working correctly... whenever I go to geoprocessing and pick a drop down tool (clip, merge, intersect etc), I get a dialogue box that pops up and seems to be attempting to launch a web browser... Please see the screenshot below.

My machine is running XP SP3, and I cleanly installed ArcGIS 10 (removed previous 9.3 version). I have installed the SP1 crack for Arc10 as well. Also - if I navigate to my C:\ and find the program files and the subsequent toolbox folder (C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Desktop10.0\ArcToolbox\Toolboxes) I do have all the .tbx tools present, and they are all associated with the ArcGIS file handler...

I am about to open a ticket with ESRI for support but wanted to also check the threads for help/support/suggestions/similar occurrences - any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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