Good news: was able to keep Qt map app up for several days.  Bad news: memory leaks

Discussion created by troyfoster on Mar 29, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2019 by jballard-esristaff

So another developer was able to keep our map app up for several days of operation without restarting it or it dying for other reasons.  They observed a lot of swap being used and eventually this seemed like it used up all the memory on their machine and the VM froze up requiring a restart.  This prompted me to go through the Runtime Qt documentation to check for those functions that have the "See also Returned QObjects Parenting" footnote since those are functions where our code needs to manually manage memory.


Here is the list of all those signal functions so they can easily be grepped out and manually analyzed for memory leaks:

grep -iIrs identifyGraphicsOverlayCompleted *
grep -iIrs identifyGraphicsOverlays *
grep -iIrs identifyLayerCompleted *
grep -iIrs layerViewStateChanged *
grep -iIrs addAttachmentCompleted *
grep -iIrs fetchAttachmentsCompleted *
grep -iIrs fetchSymbolCompleted *
grep -iIrs searchSymbolsCompleted *
grep -iIrs addedFeaturesCompleted *
grep -iIrs deletedFeaturesCompleted *
grep -iIrs queryRelatedFeaturesCompleted *
grep -iIrs updatedFeaturesCompleted *
grep -iIrs contentItemsCompleted *
grep -iIrs selectFeaturesCompleted *
grep -iIrs selectedFeaturesCompleted *
grep -iIrs applyEditsCompleted *
grep -iIrs populateFromServiceCompleted *
grep -iIrs authenticationChallenge *
grep -iIrs findGroupsCompleted *
grep -iIrs findItemsCompleted *
grep -iIrs queryFeaturesCompleted *
grep -iIrs queryStatisticsCompleted *
grep -iIrs basemapChanged *
grep -iIrs createGenerateOfflineMapParameterOverrides *
grep -iIrs importGeodatabaseDeltaCompleted *


Esri folk, did I miss any?