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Using XLSForm for Survey123 Connect, how do I create a choice filter on a cascading multi-select?

Question asked by alexa.todd on Mar 29, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2019 by alexa.todd

I need to change the type of the conditional question ("Target pest subcategory") so that more than one can be selected:

However, the filtering does not work when I change the type from select_one to select_multiple:



QA (TargetPestCategories) references 7 options from the 'choices' sheet (image below). 3 of these options have subcategories that are within another list referenced by QB (TargetPestSubCategory).



QB contains a relevant query...

selected(${TargetPestCategories},'Plant_Disease') or selected(${TargetPestCategories}, 'Indoor_Pest') or selected(${TargetPestCategories}, 'Habitat_Restoration')

...and a filter:



This is what the survey looks like when I remove the filter:



Any ideas how I can filter the conditional question while still allowing for multiple selections?