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Can someone clarify the "What items in the group can its members update?" when creating a Group?

Question asked by nfazer_midlandcounty on Mar 29, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2019 by abuccanero_usfs

This is creating confusion in our organization when creating groups for field season. I'm not understanding the reasoning behind this setting.


When Esri says updates to an item can include "description, title, tags, metadata, and content" what exactly does that mean? If I share a map with the group, can someone else edit the map? or just the map title?

What is "content"? Is that layers, layers in a map?


These are generally vague terms and it needs to be explained better. We seem to always be choosing the wrong one, and then end up having to recreate groups, unshare, reshare, etc. It's a time suck. Please clarify, thank you.