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Managing items in Temp ArcGIS Pro folder??

Question asked by RoryMcPherson on Mar 28, 2019
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I'm using Python scripting with an ArcGIS Pro project to read emails and then populate text properties with variables created from the email content. In my case I have been using the exchangelib module. Everything has been working fine until recently, and I cannot determine what has caused things to change.


Now when I run my script I am getting a FileNotFoundError in the the Temp\ArcGISPro directory. It's saying that my exchangelib.cache.username.py36.dat file is missing. To my knowledge this cache file used to be created in each Temp instance of ArcGIS Pro but is no longer being copied or created here.


Searching my system I did manage to find this cache file and copy it into the Temp folder, and then everything worked fine as before. Of course, I don't want to do this every time I open ArcGIS Pro, nor am I sure I even want to be playing around in this folder to begin with.


Any suggestions as to how I could look into this would be appreciated, thanks.