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Why can't I sign into Geonet today? 

Question asked by huffmanp on Mar 28, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2019 by huffmanp

Today I wanted to get back into Geonet to continue a discussion and thank the guy with the helpful answer.  Using Firefox 65.0.2 after a fresh restart of my Windows 10 64 PC,  sent me to the ESRI login page where I am looking at 


The active account listed here is a AGOL account that I have for my team.  I don't know why it thinks I want to log in with this account. I rarely access this AGOL account from this PC.  No recent access. ArcGIS Pro is not running. ArcDesktop is not running, or connected to this AGOL account.   I want to log in with my own name to respond to my thread.  The Sign out of this account button does not do anything.  The contact your account admin for access link is myself.  I tried contacting me but I'm no help.  


IE worked to login with my account.  Do I need to dump cookies from Firefox?  Use Chrome? Link accounts?