Solutions Require Enterprise 10.7?

Discussion created by saadj on Mar 28, 2019

I was looking to deploy some Emergency Management solutions (Hurricane Season is coming), and noticed that they require ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7, which just came out like a couple weeks ago.  We're on 10.6.1, and using the Solution Deployment tool in ArcGIS Pro it just won't let me deploy a solution, and it won't let me select an older version that my environment does support.  You can't just download the solutions anymore either, you have to use the add-in.  I don't know about you, but most places wait at least a few months before upgrading any enterprise application to ensure stability.


Why not wait a while before adding a hard requirement that you be on the latest environment so that the world can adopt the solutions at their own pace?  Or at the very least, why not add a patch that would allow 10.6.1 environments to support the new solutions without having to perform a complete upgrade?