Setting Active View Extent to Envelope not working correctly in 10?

Discussion created by msteinbrenner on Feb 28, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2011 by TomLUX
Anyone else notice a problem getting things to zoom to an envelope in ArcGIS 10?

Both in VBA and .net the same codes that got me to the extent of my selected features perfectly in 9.3.1 now seem to be zooming to an larger area than the selected envelope.

anyone else experiencing this? i could post code but it is not really the code i am having problems with because as i said this same code functioned flawlessly in 9.3.1

it just seems this doesn't work correctly anymore?

pMxDoc.ActiveView.Extent = pEnvelope

what is even stranger is i can get the code to work if i put a messagebox (saying whatever) in around the time the envelope is created.

any help or clues as to why would be greatly appreciated! i will gladly post some code if that will help.