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SQL server photos to Arcmap

Question asked by Entsika_Liesl on Mar 28, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2019 by Entsika_Liesl

Hi All,


We are busy with data capturing and have a bunch of geotagged photos in our sql server. I am trying to view these photos in arcmap / arcgis pro. 


The process I have followed so far:

   - Restored the .bak file in sql express in order to see the tables

   - Connected the database to arcgis pro

         - it consist of two tables (1) displaying lat and long coordinates (2) photo table with the doc ID in. Both these tables             have the doc id.

I have displayed the points as per the coordinates, the tricky part is now linking the photo table to the points in order to see the pictures.


I have done a little bit of research and came across the tool "generate attachment table'. Not too sure how it works and if this is the path I should follow. Do I create a new geodatabase? Should I export the photo table? Just a bit lost and in desperate need of guidance.


I have a standard license. 


Any advice and help will be appreciated.