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Network Trace Widget for electric project

Question asked by egofer on Mar 28, 2019
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We have a question about the configuration of the Network Trace widget. We want to use it for a electric project.
We downloaded the witget Network Trace from GitHub and we have already implemented the widget in our WAB (developer edition).

To test the widget, we have used services from our Portal for ArcGIS. Specifically, the Naperville sample data from the electric utility network.
The problem arises in the first step of the configuration of the widget.

As we can see in the image, where it says Task URL, it asks us for geoprocessing. The problem is that we do not know which geoprocessing to enter or if we have to develop it ourselves and then publish it.
In the help of the widget configurator does not explain and there isn't any link.

Reading more about the subject, we have found documentation that we believe can help us (if that is what we need), which would be to perform the geoprocessing service ourselves, in the example that appears a water geoprocessing service, but we want it for electricity.

Could you clarify the line of work to introduce this service and be able to configure the new widget?
Is it possible to do this for an electric project?

My WAB (Developer Edition) is the latest version, 2.11 and Enterprise is 10.6.1.

Thanks in advance,