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Group Layers ArcGIS Online

Question asked by BCAGISCA on Mar 28, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2019 by EPolle_TensingInternational

I am new to ArcGIS online and I am looking for a way to group layers. I know it can be done in the ArcGIS Pro software but not ArcGIS online. I did a google search with this question and received some confusing answers. One of the comments said to use python API and another said to add the group layer as an ArcGIS server web service. The last one was difficult as well since I don't know how to do this using ArcGIS pro. Another video showed how to do this in ArcMap; however, my organization doesn't have an arcmap license, only arcgis pro advance. Can someone help me with this? 


I appreciate any guidance. Thank you.