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Models loading incorrectly in panes

Question asked by jpfleming on Mar 27, 2019

I'm working with a project file in ArcGIS Pro that uses multiple model-builder windows.  Accordingly, I have several model "tabs" open in various panes.  When I save and close the project file and then re-open it, some of the model tabs have been replaced by a completely different model from my project toolbox.  For example, in my top pane I have a catalog tab, two map tabs, and three separate models.  The last model is called 'TestTableValues'...and here's where it gets weird.  When I reopen the project after save/close, the 'TestTableValues' model appears to load in the correct pane/tab, but when it completes the initial "loading" operation that it does when opening a project the 'TestTableValues' model is replaced by another model in my toolset that's just named 'Model'.  I think it's a bug, but I wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this issue before I report it.

Is this really a big deal?...all I have to do is re-open (edit) the model that I actually want and re-dock it in the correct pane.  But, I have multiple panes and multiple models that work on data at different temporal scales, so having to re-do the layout of my project every time I open the project is a bit annoying.  It has also happened with other model tabs, although I have only been able to consistently reproduce the example noted above.  Also, when I return to this project after being away from it for a while it takes some time to figure out how to get my workflow put back together...especially when it actually loads the wrong model in place of the correct one.

Any insight or suggestions are appreciated.

I've reproduced this with both Pro 2.3.0 and 2.3.1.