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type mismatch - converting to date

Question asked by CuartaOL on Mar 26, 2019
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I have a database with some information of some people, within the birthday of them, but I want to convert this field that is a String into a Date (type field). For this, I am using the function date(). But I am receiving this error when I try to execute the sheet.

Here is the sheet extract:

With results of the two first lines (field_4 and field_4a):

What I try to do in the field_4a is to subtract only the date of this data, so the function would work.


So I thought that with the result of dia (field_4a), the function date() could calculate the date field type because when I fill this field (4a) by hand it works!


Ok, it does not work perfectly (it subtracts a day but I can handle it), but at the least, the function read the string and converts it into a date. Have you any idea of what it is happening when I try to execute the first extract of the sheet that I showed to you? Thank you very much!