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Survey123 Related Records Not Displaying in Portal

Question asked by deleted-user-EpRzjYvkmULR on Mar 27, 2019
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I have published a survey to my organization's Enterprise Portal (v10.6) for testing that contains several repeats. Data from a submitted form properly passes to the portal, but I am unable to view related records in the Data tab of the item details and the attribute table of the Map View (see screenshots). I am, however, able to view the related records when I log on to to{myportal} so I know the data exist within the feature layer.


I checked the Survey123 limitation documentation:

  • You cannot publish surveys to ArcGIS Enterprise that use certain reserved keywords as field names, such as end (field names containing these keywords are acceptable, such as endSurvey, as long as they are not exactly the keyword). A full list of these keywords is available in each worksheet type of the Survey123 XLSForm template.
  • All field names must be in lowercase when publishing to ArcGIS Enterprise.
  • A feature service published to a portal has a limit of 500 columns, including system fields, meaning that your survey can have no more than 496 questions. The workaround for this is to include a repeat, and set repeat_count to 1 to extend the survey over multiple tables. This limitation is imposed by the enterprise geodatabase, not the portal. For more information, see Enterprise geodatabase size and name limits.
  • The name of a question in the survey worksheet must be fewer than 32 characters in length. Additionally, when using Portal for ArcGIS 10.4.1 or earlier, the maximum name length for questions inside of a repeat and for a form ID is 19 characters.
  • When ArcGIS Enterprise is deployed in a disconnected environment, survey templates, samples, and submission URLs to ArcGIS Online feature services do not work.

My survey operates within these limitations and I am still having issues. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.