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Publishing a shapefile to portal

Question asked by E087607 on Mar 27, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2019 by E087607

We are trying to create a ublish a  hosted layer from a shapefile that we're importing from a ZIP folder.  When we go to import it we keep getting an error,   I have gone in checked the error logs and get the following error ERROR 001506: Failed to download the data for the portal item. Failed to execute (Publish Portal Service). Failed. Failed to execute (Publish Portal Service).   I have also published the shapefile directly and then create the feature and it didn't work .  I also tried publishing from ArcGIS Pro and got the same error  checked the ESRI documentation and it was I got 

Portal's hosted server cannot access the data referenced by the item that will be published as a service.


Ensure that portal's hosted server has permissions to access the data referenced by the item that you want to publish. See Making your data accessible to ArcGIS Server for more information..    


Do you know what is going on?   Is it a configuration issue?  Is there something I'm missing or is it one of the many quirks that makes Portal burdensome