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can not reach the geoevent manager in arcgis 10.7

Question asked by liushresrichina-com-cn-esridist Employee on Mar 27, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2019 by liushresrichina-com-cn-esridist

 RJ Sunderman Earl Medina

I can not reach the geoevent manager after my installation,it said that my connection is not private,when i click "advanced" button there is no tips about Proceed to (unsafe) but  get many other information  just like the pictures below,so that I can not reach my geoevent manager.


I used  ArcGIS 10.7 (geoevent_server_107_167668)which is just released several days before, and I encounterd this prolem first in geoevent 10.7 prerelease version, windows 10 professional, and i had turn office the firewall.


so is there anyone else encounter this problem, and what can i do to log in my geoevent manager?