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Potential 2.3.1 bug?

Question asked by rlawrence_azgfd on Mar 25, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2019 by tbole-esristaff

I installed 2.3.1 a week or so ago and since then have been working in a new project built with 2.3.1. I created the map, added layers from various sources (GDB, network drives, internet), created a layout with a second map frame representing a zoom in callout area. I also spent a ton of time getting the legend just right. I opened the project while logged in remotely to my work computer from my home computer and when I opened it, the second mapframe callout appears blue although all the properties remain correct (e.g. pointing to the correct map, etc.). Further, the legend just up and disappeared; however, the legend item in the layout content pane appears normal, retains all the proper configurations, etc...just no legend renders with the layout. Has anyone experienced similar behavior with 2.3.1 release?  Thank you.


Richard Lawrence

Arizona Game and Fish