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Layer Names not updating / Added or Removed layers not changing

Question asked by ABauerHC on Mar 26, 2019

Still in the process of getting Portal Web Mapping Applications created to replace our old ArcGIS server web maps.  The issue I'm running into right now is that when I make a change in the map files (mxd) that I then share as a service and use in my Portal Web Maps and then Web Mapping Applications I'm not seeing the changes unless I delete and then re-create.  For example I have one service that is simply our parcel base with current Appraisal District data.  When I update this (1-2 times a month) I then change the name in the mxd to reference the date of the AD data.  In the old server maps all I had to do was refresh the service and it changed immediately.  In portal I have to first re-share the document, and then I apparently don't know what else as I can't get it to update.  It keeps showing the old information even though If I click on the Web Map and then the layer name it brings up the REST service definition which shows the correct new information.  I found people saying to set the Refresh Interval but I've done that and nothing is updating. 


What am I doing wrong?  Why wont my Web Maps and Web Mapping Applications use the updated data.


Also, I've tried clearing my cache as well as checking in a different browser with no success.