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Has anyone used Survey123 to download and open large PDF files on iPad?

Question asked by Bellmk on Mar 25, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2019 by Bellmk

We have a request to use Survey123 to load large PDF documents onto iPads.


Background info: This is for a large company, with many field workers using Survey123 on iPads. The PDFs are large files called Standards, that are updated quarterly and need to be downloaded. Techs are currently taking a second device to the field to complete their work.


Request: Put the PDFs in Survey123 form media folder, and link to them from inside the form. We want two things: (1) automate downloads, and (2) collect surveys to confirm the downloads happened.


I found this post that has code for how to implement this idea (accessing PDFs from the media folder) in Android: HTML Links for Survey123 to just about anything (work in progress)  


Does anyone know how to get this working for iPad?