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A case against Federation? Hidden Cost?

Question asked by LANDVEST on Mar 22, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2019 by LANDVEST

We are currently have a stand-alone ArcGIS Server deployment, our users consume these (map & feature) services primarily via a simple javascript web app, but are also used by a smaller pool of desktop users. Currently our users authenticate at the GIS Server tier. We only use ArcGIS Online to configure web maps (popups etc) for use in the WebApp Builder (the application that is created we host outside AGO).


We have spent some a good deal of time setting up a 'base deployment' of ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6.1 with a federated server.


We have configured our authentication against our Active Directory via LDAP. Everything works great.

However, we have reached a moment of reading the fine print.


Now all of our users must be assigned a named user license within Portal. The documentation says that any user must have a level-2 license (or with 10.7 an 'editor' or 'field worker') in order to edit via feature services. This is not currently the case with the user store at the GIS tier, we have 30+ users that have nothing to do with AGO/Portal. In fact, I could have an unlimited number of editors.


Here is the cost implication:

  • At 10.6.1, Level 2 user $500/year * 30 = $15,000/year
  • At 10.7:
    • 'Field Worker' $350/year * 30 = $10,500/year
    • 'Editor' $200/year * 30 = $6,000/year


Where in the documentations or any announcement of Enterprise does it advise managers about this cost increase? Does federating your site remove this functionality?


Is anyone else facing the same issue?


I certainly hope I'm missing something here.