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Settings for Video Hyperlinks

Question asked by jadavis101699 on Mar 23, 2019



I am hoping someone may assist me with modifying my Google Chrome and/or default media player (VLC) settings to play videos accessed through hyperlinks in ArcGIS Online versus downloading them first and then playing them within the default media player (VLC).


I have created a virtual directory and applied URL links to my individual sanitary sewer pipes for videos, reports, and photos.  When I click the "More info" link within my pop-up window, the file begins to download and when complete will begin to play automatically within VLC.  This is, in and of itself, great!


However, I would like to bypass the whole download process and have the video begin playing within VLC straight away after the "More info" click event.


Can anyone suggest a possible workflow that may have proven successful with this scenario?


Thank you.