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geopoint, offline basemap required?

Question asked by dbecker88 on Mar 22, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2019 by dbecker88

A geopoint question is inside a repeat. We don't need a basemap displayed, we just need to record our xy position several times in a survey. I.e. we don't want to hassle with creating a tile package, side-loading, ect...


The survey is downloaded and the offline iOS device is connected to an EOS Arrow-100 GPS Receiver. Collector is working fine, high accuracy positions are confirmed working. The field crew then follows a link on a Collector popup to launch the survey123 form with the repeated geopoint. The geopoint question just says "No Location". The crosshair locate button just spins. As expected, the geopoint map says "offline map preview not available" because we never side loaded a tile package, ect..


We have also specified the EOS Arrow-100 in the survey123 location provider settings, the geopoint question still says "No Location". Same result if we switch to Integrated Receiver, "no Location". The iOS settings give permission for survey123 to use location services, checked that a few times.


Any help would be appreciated.


1) Does offline survey123 require some type of basemap for geopoint questions?

2) Are survey123 and Collector fighting over the GPS metadata stream?