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ArcGIS Server Map Services- Portal item relationship: fix broken link?

Question asked by agelfert on Mar 22, 2019
Latest reply on May 9, 2020 by josh.pust

So I've been busy publishing map services from an "old" standalone ArcGIS Server environment to Portal/Federated ArcGIS Server. Which means you create a map services and Portal creates a corresponding item. In the process, I've had to undo and clean up a few things. It's easy to wipe out map services with Python:

from arcgis import gis

mygis = gis.GIS(url, username='arcgis_python')
gis_servers = gisprod.admin.servers.list()

server1 = gis_servers[0]
rest_folder = '<your_REST_endpoint_folder>'

map_services =

for service in map_services:
    except Exception as e:


Alternatively, of course, you could simply select the services in ArcCatalog and delete them, if you're so inclined. But the script is convenient, when you have a list of services to remove.


But now what happens is that the service gets removed but the Portal item representing the services does not. Which results in a broken item. This happens even if the item is protected.

The proper way to clean things up would be by removing the Portal item, which takes the map services with it.

item = gisprod.content.get('7db0bc4128eb4d819794815e4654a358')


However, if the map services is gone, is there a way to link that item back to the service?


If I publish the map service again, this creates a new item with a new item Id. The old one doesn't show up more. 

Also, for map services that show up as Portal items, what is the server id, when I interrogate dependencies:



{'total': 1,
'start': 1,
'num': 1,
'nextStart': -1,
'list': [{'dependencyType': 'serverId', 'id': 'FK7U7Hisd6qRFdPK'}]}


What's the code 'FK7U7Hisd6qRFdPK' reference?