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Need help with Intersect tool!

Question asked by FunkyFunky on Mar 21, 2019



I'm a student and I need some help with my lab. I've attached 3 files to better contextualize the issue I have. Keep in mind that I have followed all of the instructions correctly up until section 3.b.


I'm not too sure on what to intersect... The instructions say to combine 2 layers and the product is a file with 89 polygons. From what I understand, the PowerPoint says to Intersect the "Unsuitable_Union" and "Unsuitable_Union_Final" to achieve "Suitable_Intersect" that contains 89 polygons.


What I did instead was Intersect 3 files (Major_Roads_1000m, Landuse_Openarea & Unsuitable_Final) and got a polygon that looks similar to the one in Slide 16 of the PP that I attached as well.


I'd really appreciate any input!


Thank you for your time