Do not repeat previous answer in a repeat group

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In a form for an inventory made with many groups and sub-groups, I have a repeat to enter many species. I must enter one specy per repeat and do not have the same specy entered twice for a parcel. Specy is entered from a select_one list presented as an auto-complete list.


I'm trying to do that if a specy is entered in the first repeat and that I try to enter it again in repeat 25,I could not enter it in 25 by being advertised by a color, by a text, or being unable to choose the same specy an other time during the repeats.



values entered

Repeat 1= Abies ×phanerolepis

Repeat 2= Abies balsamea

Repeat 3= Acer pensylvanicum



Repeat 25= try to enter again Abies ×phanerolepis and seeing in color, being advertising that it is already in the previous answer of Repeat 1 to 24, or something like this. Another way could be to remove from list the answers previously added.


Any idea how to do it?