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Values in Tobreak in Service Area Analysis

Question asked by jshuston5 on Mar 21, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2019 by jshuston5

I do fire station modeling for a countywide fire department.  Estimated drivetimes to an incident are a huge factor when deciding where to locate new fire stations.  To get those numbers for decision makers, I create a Service Area in Network Analyst using our existing stations and any potential station changes the Chiefs are considering. 


I create a new service area and set the default break to 20 (minutes) as this is higher than any actual drivetime that will be returned.  The resulting polygons provide me with a Tobreak value that is the maximum modeled drivetime encountered in that service area (e.g. 5.231).  In the last month or so, I have stopped getting the maximum modeled drivetime and instead the Tobreak field is just whatever Default Break parameter I set, regardless of the actual size of the service area.  


I'm currently using ArcGIS Desktop 10.6