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Selection from coded-value domain list reverts to previous value in a feature service field

Question asked by on Mar 21, 2019
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I have an AGOL hosted feature service pulled into my Pro project (Pro version 2.3.1).  I have made some changes to the domain values.  When I click in a field, the revised list is shown.  I select a value, which shows in the field.  When I move to another field, the value reverts back to the former value, and an 'Update table row' error box appears stating "Value doesn't fall within Domain: Options," yet the values are listed in the domain drop-down.  I have poked around in the '' code (update definition), but nothing I do rectifies the issue.  Strangely, in a few select attribute fields, the selected value does 'stick,' but the majority of the attempted changes do not.  When I open the Domains tab on the Ribbon, the domain name does not show, and I see a message that 'The domains for this workspace are read only.'  I am trying to change a field value from 'Free' to 'No Charge,' which seems simple enough.  Thanks in advance for anyone's help.