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How to load U.S. national address database use arcGIS?

Question asked by huihuangyu on Mar 20, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2019 by bixb0012

hey guys, I am totally new here. I am looking for an addressed database of U.S.A for my project.  Glad to see that there is one provided by"National Address Database | US Department of Transportation ". Anyone can download it after agree the disclaimer.


However, after I downloaded it, I found the content is not recognisable to me. It is a .gbd folder which contains lots of a0000*.* files. I tried to search online to understand them and it brings me to here. It looks like artGIS should have the capability to read those files. however, after I downloaded the ArcGIS Pro, I even get lost further.


Can any expert help me out here? I really appreciate it.