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How can I combine both CLR and VBNewline in my Label Expression?

Question asked by SWebber on Mar 20, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2019 by SWebber

I am creating a label style that needs to contain three pieces of information from three attribute fields in the feature class. In the label expression, each field needs to appear on its new line, and one field [GW_Elevati] needs to appear in blue font. 


In my first draft, I used only the &vbnewline& command, and it came out just fine. However, when I added in the appropriate code for coloring the font (see code below), I got this:

[Location]&vbnewline & "<CLR blue = '255'>" & [GW_Elevati] & "</CLR>" &vbnewline&[Carbon_tet]

In the next stage, I found that if I added in a single quotation mark after the close of the CLR code, I got this result:

[Location]&vbnewline & "<CLR blue = '255'>" & [GW_Elevati] & "</CLR>"' &vbnewline&[Carbon_tet]

As you can see, it colors the appropriate text, but drops off the final attribute field/text. 


I've tried opening and closing quotes around different parts of the expression, but can't seem to get the result I'm looking for. Any advice?