I need to multiply multiple rasters in a folder with their corresponding rasters in another folder.

Discussion created by l0chie11 on Mar 21, 2019
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I have one folder (folder 1) with 200 or more rasters and another folder (folder 2) with the same number. The rasters in folder 1 are all named genus_species_01 (e.g. acan_rufo_01, lito_bico_01, and so on). The rasters in folder 3 are the same but end with _03 instead. Each raster needs to be multiplied with it's corresponding raster from the other folder and the output must retain the species name and be saved in another folder. I am completely inexperienced when it comes to Python but I believe it is the only way to achieve this task.

The link below describes a possible solution to my problem only I am not proficient enough at formatting code (or understanding it) to be able to adapt it to my problem.

python - How to use the math tool ("times") in ArcGIS modelbuilder to multiply two raster sets while using an iterator? … 

I understand what most steps do but in some cases I'm unsure of what I need to change. In particular some of it would need to be changed based on the fact my rasters are located in separate folders rather than all within the same geodatabase as it is in the linked solution. Another part I am unsure about is prefix = r.split("_")[0] + "_" . To my understanding, this will split the raster name at the '_' character in order to retrieve the identifying first part of the name. But as far as I know the [0] refers to the first file in the specified workspace. So if my folder has over 200 rasters would I need to include r.split("_")[0] through to [200]?

Another potential issue is that I need both the abbreviate genus and species so it can only split the name at the second '_' and not the first.

Is anyone able to offer some guidance?