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Single Field Address Locator Incorrectly Ties at 100%

Question asked by jborgion Champion on Mar 20, 2019
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ArcGIS 10.6.1; data source is a point feature class in a file geodatabase


I have created a Single Field Address Locator to which I am matching addresses that are in the form 1234 S MAIN ST.  However, here in Utah we have numeric streets, not just named streets so many address may be in the form of


50 W 200 S


The data the locator uses are address points, and the single field I match to is called (of all things) Address.  There is one address point in the point feature class where the value of Address = 50 W 200 S. But.....


I get a tie with 100% scoring for:


50 S 200 W

50 W 200 S


These are two very different locations!  One is on a street named S 200 W while the other is on a street named W 200 S, the latter of which I should be matching against.  How do I convince the locator that


50 W 200 S 

is not a match to

50 S 200 W?




Shana Britt