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Domain values don't 'hold' when I sync local copy back to ArcGIS Online

Question asked by ASkinner_nh on Mar 20, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2019 by ASkinner_nh

I published a hosted service for editing from a feature class with coded value domains for 3 of the fields. The domains work fine in the ArcOnline environment. People can update or add a domain value to any feature and it 'holds' (sorry I don't have a better word for this! ). However, certain editors do not work in AGO and instead they bring the data into ArcMap to edit by using "Create Local Copy for Editing". They are able to edit the fields with domains and choose from the drop down list, but once they save edits, stop editing and "Synchronize Local Edits with Server", the changes don't 'hold' and either revert to their original value or go Null. The other two fields work fine with the domain values shown in AGO as they were edited in the ArcMap local copy. 


The name of the field with the domain that's causing problems is "Type" and the datatype of both the field and the domain is Text. I attached screenshots for Database Properties and Feature Class Properties. You can see what the coded values and descriptions are for the domain in the Database Properties.  


The other fields with domains are also Text, but they are simply Yes/No values. 


I tried republishing the feature class after trying these things...

1. I created a completely new domain and reassigned that domain to the original feature class

2. I created a completely new, empty feature class with no data and no domains and then loaded the data into it and picked the original domain for that field (and the other two fields)

3. I created a completely, new empty feature class with no data and assigned the new domains from #1. above.

4. I removed the domains from the newly created feature class


#4 is where I got really stumped... Even when there was no domain, I was unable to bring down a local copy, edit, save, and sync back without losing the info in that field! Again, both of the other fields with domains kept their values in AGO from the local copy edits.  


Is there anything I could be doing wrong with this field that would cause this type of problem? 


Thanks so much for any help!!!