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ArcGIS Pro - Classification Wizard with DSM/DTM

Question asked by tippingd@OIS on Mar 19, 2019
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Hi - I'm looking to do small scale vegetation classification using georeferenced aerial images created from a drone. This work forms part of habitat condition monitoring on nature conservation sites. I have had some success however I think I would achieve better results using additional height information derived from DEM and DSM (DSM minus DTM). I can find nothing on the various help sites only a mention that additional datasets can be used with the ArcGIS Pro Classification Wizard. It seems to fit in the "Train the Classification" area of the process as shown in the following link:


Does anyone have experience of these routines as I can't find where to include a DSM/DTM in the process. I have been following the route of supervised object based classification, creating a segmented image, training samples, Random Trees with Active chromaticity color, mean digital number and standard deviation. 


Any help appreciated



Many thanks