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Glitch in Definition Query - ArcGIS Pro 2.3.1?

Question asked by andrew_map_scientific on Mar 19, 2019

There appears to be a glitch in the ArcGIS Pro definition query for dates and times. The date-time format changes between the clause and sql view and when the query is applied - completely muddling up the query and making it impossible to select data for a specific time period. 

  1. Open a new map;
  2. Add Sentinel-2 Views from Living Atlas (Category: Imagery);
  3. Create a new definition query, using 'acquisitiondate'
    Selecting a date for a new definition query on the Sentinel-2 Views image service layer from Living Atlas.
  4. Update the definition query and change to the SQL view
    SQL view of the recently applied definition query that was made using the clause view.
  5. Swap back to the Clause view - the date-time format is muddled up.
    Clause view of the sql query


The same happens if you create a definition query using the SQL view to start off instead of using the clause view. Does anyone know a workaround?


Thank you in advance.


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