AGSMapView.gps crashing iPad

Discussion created by ccabanero on Feb 26, 2011
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Hello all,

I'm using version 1 of the ArcGIS for iOS SDK.  In my iPad app, whenever I enable GPS (through ESRI's SDK) my mobile app crashes.  On the iPhone version, enabling GPS (through the ESRI SDK) does not.  Anyone have any tips on this using ESRI's SDK (I understand I can call Core Location directly but would like to go through ESRI's SDK for now) to properly enable GPS on the iPad?

Here is a code snippet which is the same for my iPad and iPhone version.  This gets invoked when a user clicks on a 'Round Rect Button' on my view.

- (IBAction)showUsersLocation:(id)sender {

if(self.mapView.gps.enabled == TRUE) {
else {
  self.mapView.gps.autoPan = TRUE;