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AGS Config-store in a Windows Cluster (oplocks)

Question asked by victor.estevezesri-es-esridist Employee on Mar 15, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2019 by cpawlyszyn-esristaff

We are facing some publishing (error 001369) problems in our ArcGIS Server 10.6



   - ArcGIS Enterprise  (HA) with 6 machines (2 for portal, 2 for server, 2 for datastore)

   - Config-Store & directories storaged in a microsoft cluster file server (windows 2008)


This error (error 001369) appears sometimes with differents services types (such as map services, network services, geocoding). We have checked twice this link Error: ERROR 001369: Failed to create the service  


We tried to disable oplock ( ) but after this modifications the shared storage became offline.


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance!