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Export raster contour dataset always results in blacked out image

Question asked by mateo3571 on Mar 17, 2019
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I'm creating seafloor maps and started using the contour tools in ArcGIS Pro. Despite being new to designing contour maps, I'm pleased with the appearance of contours created with the raster toolset (rather than the feature toolset...more on that later). I need to export the contour imagery, however I cannot export the individual raster with only contours (transparent background w/ no data) without the image being blacked out after the export process completes. The contour lines are there, but very faint and the image is pretty much ruined because I can't figure out how to reverse this persistence black color scheme. Alternatively, I've tried to combine the contour raster with the underlying raster, using the following methods:

1. Combine images in raster dataset (ArcGIS Pro crashes every time I hit the run button on the tool)

2. Mosaic (Contour raster turns black and covers the underlying imagery)

3. Weighted Overlay (Contour line raster and underlying raster merge, but contours come out fried and cracked looking and have completely lost their smooth flowing appearance)

4. Composite (the two rasters merge but the contour lines disappear)


I've investigated every possible place that NoData could be pulling from and set them all to a value outside the color scheme (as transparent), but still get a black image after export.  


I've tried and tried to get the contours to display correctly building them as feature lines but all settings result in boxy polygon looking shapes with no linear pattern despite my feature class being designated as lines. I have run the Focal Analysis tool on the underlying raster prior to building contours but doesn't seem to matter. 


Any guidance to get me on track with contours would be greatly appreciated.